Piraeus 117 Academy (P117A) is a renowned venue, located in the heart of Athens.  We say venue and not music venue because our vision is to become a home to every type of art-form, community project and cultural event.  We wish to be a hub and a safe-space for artistic exploration, a place of warmth in which tradition and culture may spread and grow, and a wizard able to transform itself in the blink of an eye with the magic of the lights and the sounds that will enchant the next generation. 


P117A and its audience members are an integral part of Athenian culture and an artistic force on the international level. 


P117A is a space which, through the facilitation and encouragement of creativity, is host to the power of inspiration; the nourishment inherent in the connection which is the fundamental giving and receiving of emotion through abstract forms.  


P117A hosts up to six events per week (both local and international acts), welcoming approximately 32,000 individuals and artists per month. 


P117A is home to the utter freedom of the sharing of thoughts which gives us rebirth in the context of connection, and the capacity to grow in unity. 


P117A is in full support of the action taken by all audience members and performers to spread and receive new information by taking the initiative to attend a show, or any other artistic/communal event; to connect with the visual/auditory work of others in an attempt to freely spread information, be reborn in inspiration, and to become more intellectually free and powerful as one united people in a fearless world.    


Here at Piraeus 117 Academy, we believe that the inherent freedom in creation and reception of abstract forms, is the most powerful characteristic of those forms.  We want our audience to be confident in the knowledge that no one can stop them from receiving, that no one can stop the creator from having his/her thought, and that the feelings associated with this relationship are sacred, unique in each audience member, and ultimately untouchable.


The synthesis of our vision, our central location and our role at the heart of Athenian culture has led to our welcoming events of every type.  From concerts, to markets, to dance parties, to theater, to martial arts tournaments, to rap battles, to dance competitions, to your next corporate event, we are ready to transform for the people of Athens and the world.